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~ another Quilts Japan magazine waiting for me when I returned yester eve! (photos when light is better)
~ applewood smoked cheese omelettes
~ the scent of geranium leaves.
~ 2 comments to my BQF post. (2! Happyhappy! The spring entry has no comments, which amuses me leik woah!)
~ time to sew!
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Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co and Schnibbles fame, has recently returned from a trip to France--you can read about it here. (I'm hopeful for more posts!)

So much lovely detail, and wonderful photographs! The lavendar fields! I know exactly what she means about wanting to lie down between the rows and go to sleep! Where I was? Oh yes--I read through this lovely, long post, and gave a happy sigh at the end. Delightfulness! I left a small comment, and this morning, what do I find but an email reply from Carrie sitting in my inbox! More delightfulness! It is a special pleasure to me as I have learned not to expect a reply when I comment on other blogs; it's that 'thin air' thing again. :- )
Also, the sun is shining this morning--welcome after a few days of grey skies and much-needed rain. My weekend starts off happily!
codrette: (Default) nest is best! Am returned from spending a few days at home, unexpectedly, and everything has gone well. Source is always so good to me! Am grateful for it.

My geraniums have 5 big, beautiful flower heads glowing in this morning's sun--pompoms, no?

Here are another 6 'flowers' ready for the Quilts Japan project I'm calling Tournesol b/c I have no Japanese and have no idea what they call it. :-) I spoke of it here

Oh. And a star. But that's for something else. ;-)

The quilting and design on the Free Spirit top is not forgotten, only 'percolating'. (Thanks to Be*mused for that great word--fits so well, no?) À bi!
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I treated myself to this, b/c I haven't seen a copy 'in the flesh' before, and it looked full of interest. It is.

more, with photos of things in progress )
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4 more blocks to make and hand piecing can commence.

Seeing the layout at this scale, it reminds me of icicle plant flowers. That was how I knew them as small child. Every summer, papa would plant them around our small pool. Still I remember the green smell, and how the flowers would only open in the sun.


May. 14th, 2011 10:34 am
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Too much wordy posts the last couple days, so today, mostly photo updates.

I am more about the hooky at the moment.

Progress on the african flower/paperweight granny bag to Mia's pattern. Perle 5 coton. Wish I could show the colors accurately.

(there is thrush singing in a tree opposite. Beautiful.)

Easy project for train journeys. Simple mesh pattern from...

...this book.
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...makes my shoulders ache in the same way quilting does. 2 more I made y/day eve. I bought a smaller hook so I could try the perle 5 coton I have, and this is the result.

I do wish I had found Mia's tute on how to deal with the ends as you go before I started these--it would have made every thing so much neater and easier.

It doesn't really show in the photo, but the blues are not the same. One is a strong purply blue, with variegated yellow (DMC 798 and Anchor 1304, if you're curious) and the other is more teal blue with copper (Anchor169 and 363)

But me, and crochet! Is still surprised, and all b/c of the wonderful folk who share their skills on their blogs. I forgot to credit where I found the instruction for the african flower (although I see there is some disagreement over how old the pattern is, and who should be credited as the originator) and it was By Elizabeth Cat. I have been reading her blog this morning, and so fascinating it is, and her photos are glorious! Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth!


Apr. 22nd, 2011 11:04 am
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Yes, this is crochet. Yes, I made it. (!!!!!!!!asdfghj!!) Yes, I spent y/day figuring it out (and I do mean all of y/day) through looking at the African Flower group on Flickr and the tute I found through Google. After browsing everyone else's beautiful work, and with Rettgrayson's rainbow flower cushion in mind, I was determined to crack this.

I messed up the first attempts (which I will not show you!) Progress commenced when I recalled manman saying that some patterns used US terminology, which differs to UK terms. Once I 'translated', things went better! With a close-up picture to fill in what wasn't clear to me in the instructions, I made the flower in the photo. I used tapestry woll (b/c that was all that was available) and wore the thin disposable gloves I wear when I FM quilt to protect my hands. If that sounds strange, I can not wear wool; I rash leik woah.

I feel satisfaction to have worked it out, and I know manman will be surprised. (LOL-- all her efforts at teaching me were not in vain!) Maybe I make her something, for a surprise, no? :- ) Only thing is, I want to Skype and share with her. Really, really.

I wonder what kind of cotton is good to crochet with...? And how I deal with ends??


Mar. 29th, 2011 08:00 am
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I have no idea what this tree is but I'm just so happy to see the blossom, like a cloud of pink! We had a week of warm, sunny weather and this morning-- thick mist! Perhaps the tide will take it away again, or the sun will peep through and burn it away.

A good day to sew!

À bi!
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Remember this?

The 2 half yards of Alexander Henry cupcakes from Quilt Taffy--the guy almost centre image--with the little teeth--he's my favourite! Dracul cupcake. :-)

On friday, I whipped up the little something I'd been promising myself for S. S is budding artist. As all artists, she has lots of sharpies, pens, biros, aquarelles, graphite pencils, and so on.

The recipient is happyhappy with the result! Much high-pitched squeeing and many hugs! Here she is holding it. I had a little fun matching the two prints, but patience wins all, no? (patience and a couple naughty words!) Is just over 30 X 23cms. Lots of room for drawing supplies!

I quilted it with written phrases, simply to see if I could 'write' with the needle. 'Om nom nom' is one line. It was a fun thing to make, and I learned I need practice at setting a zip into a quilty something! S is happy with it, so is all good, no? :- )


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