Nov. 18th, 2011 10:02 pm
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This mini quilt, imaginatively titled 'wonky, wonky, little star' catches my eye. I like the way the different fabrics play off each other. It takes 5 squares each of 4.5" for the star and 8 of same size for background, as shown in 'The Silly Boodilly's tutorial linked in the post at 'fresh lemon quilts'.

Guess it could be made with any size square. I prefer the smaller size and layout of the mini quilt. One to keep in mind, no?


Nov. 8th, 2011 08:02 am
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...the look of Blackbird Designs new book. Saw a small quilt made from the book at Houston quilt market on Deb Strain's blog.
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Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co and Schnibbles fame, has recently returned from a trip to France--you can read about it here. (I'm hopeful for more posts!)

So much lovely detail, and wonderful photographs! The lavendar fields! I know exactly what she means about wanting to lie down between the rows and go to sleep! Where I was? Oh yes--I read through this lovely, long post, and gave a happy sigh at the end. Delightfulness! I left a small comment, and this morning, what do I find but an email reply from Carrie sitting in my inbox! More delightfulness! It is a special pleasure to me as I have learned not to expect a reply when I comment on other blogs; it's that 'thin air' thing again. :- )
Also, the sun is shining this morning--welcome after a few days of grey skies and much-needed rain. My weekend starts off happily!
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Last eve, I found, and started reading Be*mused's blog, only, please do not ask me how I stumbled across her, b/c I could not remember! (through Flickr?? Something to do with Tokyo quilt exhibition??) I am very much enjoying her posts, and glad to see another quilter who openly admits to having projects 'off and on the back burner, percolating', as she expresses it. Percolating. I like that word. So expressive, no? :-) In future, I say my 'stuck' projects are 'percolating'! Thanks for that, Jan, (if I may call you that) So far, I'm at Oct 2009. It is so fascinating to me to read.

Also, she linked to Keiko Goke's blog and I've been looking back through that too. I say *looking* b/c, although there is Google translate, it is nonsensical. Nothing makes sense. Do you find this? It happens sometimes with Béa's blog, which is French. I have next-to-no French, as I've said before, but I try, and then fall about laughing at what Google translate occasionally makes of it. Ah ça! as manman (grannie) frequently exclaims. :-)

Finally, I finished piecing in the borders on this,

and have been thinking it needed something else. It is looking a tad spare. The more I look at it, on the floor beside me, the more I think so. What to add...? First thought was embroidery. Bees were suggested to me by S. Good thought, as the blocks remind me of icicle plant flowers.

Then, looking through my Quilts Japan magazines, I think 'dragonflies'. And then waterlily blossom--if only the ground had been blue instead of white--koi! Hmm, rein that back in. Ground is white-on-white. Work with what you have, H. So, bees. (and oblique Eddie Izzard reference. ^_^)

Or percolate some more, perhaps? :-)


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