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~b/c i forgot to upload the photo when I spoke of it the other day.

Not the best photos but you get the idea. The heart is based on the elongated ones you sometimes see in Arts & Crafts style. Made from scraps of quilter's calico. The front had red heart-shaped buttons stitched to it to create a heart-shaped centre panel. The back is hand stiched with single strand of embroidery floss. The design is the same allover hearts I quilted on 'Spring Sanctuary', only reduced in scale. I liked it stitched but thought it might look more obvious with a little colour. Out came the versacraft ink pads and a fine brush.

Stuffed with dried lavendar, a red ribbon to hang it, and a couple beads on the point to finish. Smells wonderful!
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Actually, it has been finished a couple days, but in the excitement, :-), I forgot to share! *g* So, with temps in mid 20s, (and last thing required is scarf!) here it is.

Made mostly during train journeys, the body is a simple mesh. I felt it needed something more, and found teeny tiny hearts on Attic24's blog. Many thanks to Lucy for sharing!

Hearty goodness. Having recently had crochet *click* in my head in a way my fingers could translate, I needed pictures as well as instruction, and Lucy provided both. I made a bit of a horlicks of the first couple, but 'you won't see it off a number 3', so am contente with end result.

For the curious, my scarf is composed of 1 ball of James C Brett's 'Ripple' in shade H4. (Considering this yarn is 55% wool, and wool makes me rash leik woah, I am considerably surprised skin on hands did not react during the crochet process. Curious but contente. :- )
codrette: (Default) jamming!

A work colleague of M's brought a carrier bag full of rhubarb sticks monday. After cleaning and chopping, there was a few grammes under 2 kilos. M wondered what the faen to do with it. Jam, I said, remembering afternoon tea at Howick Hall tea house in Northumbria. Their rhubarb and ginger jam was d'liceux!

Fruits of my labours y/day afternoon.

I used 1.1kg of fruit and jam sugar, and re-used honey jars. I found wax discs in the kitchen shop after attending Gait Clinic, and followed the recipe in my Good Housekeeping cook book. This the first time I have made jam and I'm pleased with how it came out. It has a good set, but I'd have preferred it to be less sweet. Still, I learn something new, no? :- )

Many thanks to Kootoyou for creating this new space for us to share creative spaces, thanks for dropping by, and see what others are doing in their creative space.
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Remember this?

The 2 half yards of Alexander Henry cupcakes from Quilt Taffy--the guy almost centre image--with the little teeth--he's my favourite! Dracul cupcake. :-)

On friday, I whipped up the little something I'd been promising myself for S. S is budding artist. As all artists, she has lots of sharpies, pens, biros, aquarelles, graphite pencils, and so on.

The recipient is happyhappy with the result! Much high-pitched squeeing and many hugs! Here she is holding it. I had a little fun matching the two prints, but patience wins all, no? (patience and a couple naughty words!) Is just over 30 X 23cms. Lots of room for drawing supplies!

I quilted it with written phrases, simply to see if I could 'write' with the needle. 'Om nom nom' is one line. It was a fun thing to make, and I learned I need practice at setting a zip into a quilty something! S is happy with it, so is all good, no? :- )
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... is working on too many things at once. More of that another day.

Yesterday, I made a pair of reversible lamp mats as a cheer-up gift.

Both are 'flower fairy' fabrics. The apple blossom is last year's range, and the sweet pea has been hoarded these many years. Layered with a scrap of Thermore batt, the blossom were outline quilted with 100g silk threads, top and bobbin. Simple but useful and cheery, no?
codrette: (Default) delighting in the work of my hands. 'Renewal; longing for spring' is completed; the first finish for 2011.

Hand pieced, hand quilted in the ditch and blocks, hand finished.

The reverse. The quilting designs were hand drawn.


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