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Jul. 8th, 2011 10:43 am
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As you see, I decided to push on with a couple projects. On the left is the Free Spirit top basted and ready for hand quilting. Previously, I used those curved quilter's pins but disliked them. They make big holes in the fabric and you have to 'twiddle' over with a needle tip to close up, as well as holes in your finger tips trying to close the *!>?* things! Also, they snag the quilting thread leik woah. Yesterday, through blog-hopping, I had one of those Oh--helvete! moments. Why *pin* when I can thread baste the way tailors do--herringbone stitch! Why I did not remember this?! This technique should also allow me to hand quilt sans hoop. I confess, I can not get on with a hoop.

The baby quilt I spoke of was a big hit and I was asked to make a second, similar one. (And even offered money!) There it is being prepped for reverse applique. The first one (which I realise I made and sent so quickly I have no photos of it. Faen.), I made as outlined in Quilt mania Nr 66; that is to say, as square blocks. Rather than repeat that exactly, I went for a freer setting--plop the stars onto a cut of yardage marked up to size and reverse applique them in.

Ah ça, time's up--back to it. :-)
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Last eve, I found, and started reading Be*mused's blog, only, please do not ask me how I stumbled across her, b/c I could not remember! (through Flickr?? Something to do with Tokyo quilt exhibition??) I am very much enjoying her posts, and glad to see another quilter who openly admits to having projects 'off and on the back burner, percolating', as she expresses it. Percolating. I like that word. So expressive, no? :-) In future, I say my 'stuck' projects are 'percolating'! Thanks for that, Jan, (if I may call you that) So far, I'm at Oct 2009. It is so fascinating to me to read.

Also, she linked to Keiko Goke's blog and I've been looking back through that too. I say *looking* b/c, although there is Google translate, it is nonsensical. Nothing makes sense. Do you find this? It happens sometimes with Béa's blog, which is French. I have next-to-no French, as I've said before, but I try, and then fall about laughing at what Google translate occasionally makes of it. Ah ça! as manman (grannie) frequently exclaims. :-)

Finally, I finished piecing in the borders on this,

and have been thinking it needed something else. It is looking a tad spare. The more I look at it, on the floor beside me, the more I think so. What to add...? First thought was embroidery. Bees were suggested to me by S. Good thought, as the blocks remind me of icicle plant flowers.

Then, looking through my Quilts Japan magazines, I think 'dragonflies'. And then waterlily blossom--if only the ground had been blue instead of white--koi! Hmm, rein that back in. Ground is white-on-white. Work with what you have, H. So, bees. (and oblique Eddie Izzard reference. ^_^)

Or percolate some more, perhaps? :-)


Jun. 17th, 2011 11:53 am
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...am more about the doing than the blogging of it.

Current progress on one hand piecing project.
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Sets of 4 peaky-and-spike blocks, big and small.


Mar. 20th, 2011 04:39 pm
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This I found while going through fabric and drawers. Is it odd that I forgot I start it?

But then, I deflated and stitched it to see if I could. :- ) Fun, no? Is a penrose tesselation. Am not sure how much bigger it will become--I have the screen shot from a portion of the deflation saved to a pen drive--but I know I want it to be blues and yellows.
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...is not always what you get. Hand piecing my first topper was such fun, I decided on another. Deep in the stash, I had some Free Spirit fat eighths, hoarded these many years. I picked my two favourites, added some white-on-white, and last night got this far.

Better light this morning confirms what I began to feel last night--it doesn't work, and I don't like it. The hex fabric is my favourite, and the yellow print dominates, draws the eye. Not what I saw in my head. Not to worry--I had an Idea but it means I have to draw a couple templates. Also, the star is now feathered and waits a mitred border. So, two more firsts for me today. Fun, no?


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