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I treated myself to this, b/c I haven't seen a copy 'in the flesh' before, and it looked full of interest. It is.

This pattern I think I have seen [and possibly saved] in one of the american magazines I used to have.

Now that I am hand piecing some FQs I snaffled last automne to a Quilts Japan design, I'm thinking I should save some for a couple of these blocks. Me being me, the ground will have to be assorted blues. Then I would have something to go with this favourite when automne comes around again. On a side note--the flowering cherry trees have cherries forming already. Some of them are quite red. I imagine the birds are eyeing them feastily. Certainly they have found our strawberries! I don't mind to share a few, but M does! lol

Where I was? Oh yes. Hand piecing project from Quilts Japan 139

Makower fabrics.

The previous hand piecing project, using the FE of Free Spirit fabric with Colourshotts, has reached the border stage.

Here, I confess, I made a boo-boo. I pieced in the squares and measured the gap and cut 6 of those pieces. Only when I laid it out did I realise I should have cut to the outer edge measurement. Oh well, live and learn, no? I cut a couple more to the correct size, and have pieced those in. I put a short one in the photo so you could smile and shake your head. :-) I'm wondering what else this little piece needs...

Today is fresh and sunny--big relief from humid conditions of last couple days. I put my geraniums out to sunbathe--they like it more than do I! Today is also a day for this mug. This was another find I was all Eeeee!asdfghjk!!!!! for. :-)
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