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The more I sit here, hand sewing stars, the more I hope that Deb Strain is inspired to again make another line of fabrics like 'marseille' or 'sunflowers of provence'. I don't know when I bought them, and moda's archive shows only back to 2008, so before then, no?

I'd be happyhappy with more 'fresh'. (why i did not buy more when it was around?) b/c I had no money. Rien n'a changé
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Floral collage. Taken on visit at Browsholme Hall
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works its magic and pouf! flowers! happy little faces, no?
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'Snorkelling the waves'; a cot sized quilt.

I did promise proper 'presenting' post when the quilt was washed and dried, and so it is!
Before washing was 92.5 x 136cm (36.5" x 53.5") Generous cot size. After the dryer--the crinkles--J'adore!!--is now 88 X 130cm (34.75" x 51") I seem to be losing 5/6cm, or roughly 2", which I guess is about right. :-)

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When I started this patchwork and quilting, the bit I found most tedious was layering the backing/batt/quilt top and pinning it all together.
I *hated* that bit.

I take it back.

Burying thread ends after FM quilting...
If they would only bury themselves!!
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~having time to quilt.
The schnibble quilting is proceeding, only, I have used up all the pale aqua silk thread and will need to order another. Unable to finish the inner border, I started on the blocks. I quilted 3 columns of holly leaves and am doing straight line quilting in the other 3 columns. It takes time, though, and my shoulder aches. I think the table I set Nina on is too high. :-(
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Whatever you celebrate at this season, I wish you a happy time; peace, rest, and contentment.

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~~Not waking with achey hands/sides after hand stitching down binding.
~~remembering how to make knit/purl stitches.
~~toasted teacake for b/fast.
~~warm, clean, dry, safe house to live in.
~~that I am more healthy than not.
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Y/day, I and a friend went to the city to find me a new coat. I came back with skeins of dmc embroidery thread. No coat. Le sigh. However, I now can:

--embroider the last snowflakes on the mistletoe heart panel.
--unpick the last of the old quilting on the schnibble. Just a handful of motifs remain.
--white fabric found and binding being applied. (Note to self: please stop making toppers that have strange angle edges.)


Nov. 18th, 2011 10:02 pm
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This mini quilt, imaginatively titled 'wonky, wonky, little star' catches my eye. I like the way the different fabrics play off each other. It takes 5 squares each of 4.5" for the star and 8 of same size for background, as shown in 'The Silly Boodilly's tutorial linked in the post at 'fresh lemon quilts'.

Guess it could be made with any size square. I prefer the smaller size and layout of the mini quilt. One to keep in mind, no?
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After long breaks posting here, I make a determined effort to post every day for novembre. I find there is such a thing as 'write a novel in novembre', or NaNoWriMo. Well, that, no can haz! I discover there is NaBloPoMo; 'write a post a day in novembre'. O-kay. Well, I didn't sign up to say I would, but am making effort to do so, so... new tag, back added.

Last eve, skies were clear seiz-mé, and I had occasion to be out late. Used it to view the moon, and any thing else I could locate. It was cold, a hint of frost catching the back of your throat with every breath, and the occasional sniff of coal smoke (took me back to childhood). Always I think that moon light in winter has otherworldly feel, fey. Walking under stars, I would not be surprised to meet a group of Vanyar. Any thing seems believable. Writing this in a watery sunlit morning, I can not find words to convey my feelings.


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